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VOLUME 10 ISSUE 7 2018

1. Android based Robotic Fire Alert System to Save Fire Victims

    M. A. Majed, Ambreen Fatema, S. M. A Muneer Mogni
    Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad

    Page No: 1-6


2. Law relating to mining in India a legal study
    Mr.Sukhwinder S. Mandair, Jagveer singh

    Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun

    Page No: 7-12


3. Evaluation Of Antibacterial Activity Of Acetone Mace Extract(Myristica fragrans Houtt)
    Gayathri.R, V.Anuradha

    Bharathiar University,Tamilnadu

    Page No: 13-17


4. Performance Evaluation Of Digital Fundus Images
    M.Rafiathul Rahmania, Priyadarsini.S

    P.S.R Engineering College,Sivakasi

    Page No: 18-21


5. Resourceful Multipath Wireless Sensor Network Routing under Energy Conservation and Security as Context Factors
    B. Sujitha, Dr. M. Rudra Kumar; Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajampet, Kadapa
    Page No:22-30


6. SDTE: A Secure Blockchain-based Data Trading Ecosystem

    K.Rajasree, Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Nuzvid, A.P

    Page No:31-41